This case study focuses on the successful collaboration between Balusen Technologies and Pearson, a Fortune 100 education publishing company, in a project involving the migration from SharePoint to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), content restructuring, custom development, and comprehensive rebranding.

Balusen Technologies deployed a team of AEM content authors, AEM web analysts, and custom development experts to support Pearson throughout the project. This case study outlines the roles and contributions of the Balusen Technologies team in driving the project’s success.

Pearson, a global leader in education publishing, partnered with Balusen Technologies to migrate their existing SharePoint-based platform to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

The project aimed to streamline content management processes, restructure the website’s content, implement custom development solutions, and execute a comprehensive rebranding strategy.

Balusen Technologies assigned a dedicated team of AEM experts, including content authors, web analysts, and custom development specialists, to support Pearson throughout the project.

Balusen Technologies worked with Pearson for more than a year in migration, development, and maintenance of its digital assets.

Here are the responsibilities and roles of the team balusenBalusen Technologies’ worked with pearson for more than in a year in migration, development and maintenance of Pearson digital assets. Here are the roles and responsibilities of the team balusen

– Team of experience AEM Content Authors Conducted a thorough content audit, collaborating with Pearson’s content teams to identify content gaps, redundancies, and improvement opportunities.
– Migrated and managed content from SharePoint to AEM, ensuring seamless transition and adherence to new branding guidelines.
– Created and edited content components, optimized educational materials, and collaborated with subject matter experts to maintain accuracy and relevance.
– Implemented content restructuring, established taxonomy, and utilized AEM’s capabilities to enhance content organization, searchability, and discoverability.

– Expert AEM Web Analysts were involved in the project to Collected and analyzed data on user behavior, website performance, and content engagement using AEM’s analytical tools.
– Conducted in-depth analysis of user behavior, feedback, and pain points to identify areas for improvement in the user experience.
– Provided actionable insights and recommendations to enhance navigation, interactivity, and overall user satisfaction.
– Tracked key performance indicators (KPIs), such as page load times, conversion rates, and bounce rates, and generated reports to highlight success areas and identify areas requiring attention.

Custom Development Team:

– Balusen Technologies had setup a Custom Development Team to Collaborated closely with Pearson to understand their specific requirements and goals for custom functionalities within the AEM platform.
– Developed and implemented custom solutions tailored to Pearson’s needs, such as interactive educational modules, personalized user experiences, and advanced search capabilities.
– Ensured seamless integration of third-party tools, systems, and APIs to enhance the functionality and user experience of the migrated platform.

When it comes to Project Execution and Outcomes, Balusen Technologies collaborated closely with Pearson’s internal teams to execute the project successfully.

Their expertise in AEM, content restructuring, and custom development, combined with their understanding of Pearson’s requirements, led to the following outcomes:

– Streamlined content management processes by implementing standardized workflows, templates, and governance policies within AEM.
– Successfully migrated Pearson’s content from SharePoint to AEM, ensuring data integrity and minimizing disruptions.
– Enhanced the user experience by implementing a redesigned information architecture, intuitive navigation, and user-centric design.
Implemented custom development solutions to meet Pearson’s specific requirements, improving functionality and personalization.
– Successfully executed the rebranding strategy by adhering to new branding guidelines and maintaining brand consistency throughout the migrated platform.
– Leveraged data-driven insights to continuously improve content, user experience, and overall site performance.

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